Summer 2019

Idea & Founding

The two founders spent several brainstorming sessions shaping the idea using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle method.

Business plan & Business concept creation

The idea was then embedded in a business concept and documented.

Autumn 2019

First event

The first event was held by the founders themselves in an exclusive private location. The concept was presented to the guests and met enthusiastic reception.

Concept calculation

Through the collected data of the first events it was possible to prove the profitability of the business concept and to incorporate this data into the further development.

Winter 2019

Corporate Design

To build a strong brand, a consistent external image is the most important thing. The design was also directly incorporated into the app.

App development

Initial structures for the app’s set-up have been defined and development has begun. Subsequently, a first prototype was developed.

Spring 2020

Covid interruption

At this time, the first talks with investors were scheduled, which were canceled due to the appropriate circumstances.

Autumn 2020

Concept adjustment

New ideas were introduced by the team, which nevertheless make it possible to implement the concept under the new circumstances.

Winter 2020

Team formation

New team members were added regarding sales power and blockchain technology.

Spring 2021

Adding Blockchain and SSI

Due to growth of the team, new ideas regarding the use of Blockchain technology were introduced. The concept was expanded by introducing a native crypto coin, as well as enabling SSI for the user.

Summer 2021

Website development

The development of the website you are currently on has been started.

Autumn 2021

Start Up Accelerator

The project was accepted to one of the most recognized StartUp accelerators in the Austrian area, the Gründungsgarage.

Team Formation

The team got expanded by two additional people in the area of app development and marketing.

Winter 2021

App development

The two programmers have started developing the app and are making rapid progress.

Summer 2022

Startup Academy

We went through an intense 8-week academy programme with one of Austria’s most well-known startup incubators and got valuable feedback to prepare our further steps.

Autumn 2022

Trial & Error Phase

We put in a lot of hard work in all areas of our Startup, but also learned that not everything goes as planned. All in all, it was a time that made us stronger and wiser for the next few months. Additionally we fine tuned our further strategy for a successful launch in the first half of 2023.

Live now

Spring 2022

Private Sale

The launch of the Private Sales has started and will run until the funding limit of 250.000€ has been reached.

Next steps

Step 1:

Presale round

After the Private Sale ends, 4 more rounds of PreSale will follow, the last of which will be featured across multiple crypto launchpads.

Step 2:

App launch

With the launch of the app, the initial partners will start hosting worldwide events using the CU App.

Step 3:


With the IPO, the coin will be tradable on several decentralized exchanges based on BEP20. A listing on the largest crypto exchange is planned for the future.


Over a period of 5 months, 20% of the DCU tokens can be claimed monthly via a smart contract here on our website.

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