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Benefits of hosting
your events

Earn money by organizing events

Depending on the rating of the guests, you will receive up to 90% of the total ticket revenue. From this, the costs for the event will still be deducted, but don’t worry, we won’t let you go over budget. So you can be sure you will make a profit.

Drinks, snacks, and more.

We provide you with a choice of different drinks, snacks, or buffets depending on the number of guests. You choose what you need for your event. Leftover things, will be collected after your event and returned to us. You receive the saved costs in return.

Music, DJ's, locations, ...

We also support your event with prepared music lists, a selection of DJ’s, the rental of a special event location, such as a rooftop bar, or even our own insurance, should something happen at your event. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Learn all about

How hosting events

1. Organize the event

Select location

Select your location or rent one

You can organize events at your place or outdoors. In addition, you can rent special event locations, such as rooftop bars, via the app.

Validate ticket

Set ticket price and number of guests

You decide how much you are going to earn with your event. Simply determine the number of guests and the ticket price.

2. Host your event

connect via scanning

Validate the guests ticket

As a host, you validate your guests’ tickets at the beginning of your event. This activates the event mode in your guests’ app and you know who is already present.

take part games

Enjoy the time with your guests

Of course, you can also connect with your guests as a host and participate in all games. Help your guests have a good time and they will reward you with a great rating for your event.

order drinks

Mix yourself some drinks

We have compiled simple cocktail recipes for you. Mix yourself and your guests some delicious drinks. All drinks and snacks that you have previously booked via the app are included in the ticket price for the guests.

3. After the event

rate connections

Guests rate your events

Your guests will rate your event the following day. Depending on that, you earn between 70% and 90% of the total ticket revenue minus the cost of event supplies (drinks, etc.). You will receive the profit you made within the week after your event.

stay in touch

Stay in touch and host again

Feel free to chat, share memories by uploading images and keep in contact with your new friends.

Still having some questions?

We're happy to help. We want everyone to feel comfortable and at home at our events. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Back to reality.

Celebrate United.

CU and their partners are organizing events where it is super easy to get to know each other. They connect new people and foster friendships all over the world.

Live the moment, be part!

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