So, how does crypto align with CU?

It’s pretty simple: CU and blockchain are a perfect match. Data security lies at the heart of everything we do. Creating our own coin is just the next logical step in many more to come.

Decentralized CU - DCU

We have made it our goal to become the world’s first decentralized social network.
Why? Because we believe that the value of a network should not lie centrally in the hands of a company, but distributed among the users within the network.

Be part of our future!

Support the project

Founder Memberships

Silver Founder





10.000 DCU


5.000 DCU


Gold Founder





40.000 DCU


20.000 DCU

Platinum Founder





400.000 DCU

"CU Unlimited" NFT

The CU Unlimited NFT allows you to enter every event worldwide for free.


200.000 DCU

With your payment you contribute to the NGO’s project and acquire an extraordinary membership in the organization.

Spread the vision

CU Ambassador

You will become a CU Ambassador simply by registering an account. Once you did that you will find all necessary information on how to help best, get access to our telegram group and your own affiliate link.

Bring a friend and get rewarded!

And here is why

DCU Bonus

Bring a friend or just anyone but do it with your own affiliate link. For each payment via your link, you will get 10% of the payed amount to your wallet in DCU.

FIAT Bonus

And because we really want you to profit from spreading our vision, we will give you an extra 10% comission in Euros for each payment via your link. The money will be credited to your account and can later be used for in-app purchases.

NFT Bonus

We have thought of something very special for you. For every 1000€ of total referrals, you’ll get another NFT which generates passive income for you. Why are these NFT’s important and what are they capable of? Find out here!

Learn more about

CU World

How to get DCU

Find all the needed information on how to get DCU and how to earn money with it.

Our Roadmap

Get some insights into our history and learn about further goals by reading our roadmap.

Building Community

Help us grow the worldwide community and earn money building it.

Back to reality.

Celebrate United.

CU and their partners are organizing events where it is super easy to get to know each other. They connect new people and foster friendships all over the world.

Live the moment, be part!

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