Building a community.

Our goal is to build a worldwide community of like-minded people and to inspire more and more people about CU World. But for that we need your help. As a Founder, we offer you some great opportunities to inspire others.

Check out all the incentives!

Find out how much you can earn by

Recommending Friends

DCU Bonus

Bring a friend or just anyone but do it with your own affiliate link. For each payment via your link, you will get 10% of the payed amount to your wallet in DCU.

FIAT Bonus

And because we really want you to profit from spreading our vision, we will give you an extra 10% comission in Euros for each payment via your link. The money will be credited to your account and can later be used for in-app purchases.

NFT Bonus

We have thought of something very special for you. For every 1000€ of total referrals, you’ll get another NFT which generates passive income for you. Why are these NFT’s important and what are they capable of? Find out here!

Outside our own app

To build a community, you need spaces where all the many people can come together. Naturally, this will happen at our events all around the world, but it is impossible to be there everywhere.


Fortunately, there are social media platforms. The ones listed here are the ones we’ re present on.

You help us grow the community by sharing our content with your friends and family.


The easiest way for new people to learn about CU World is on Instagram. There we regularly post top content about CU in general. You can learn about the app’s features, new cities that will be part of CU World, and of course, the coolest parties happening around the world. Furthermore, you’ll learn how hosts organize the best events without having a lot of work.


Be sure to check out our videos, which are perfect for getting a quick overview of CU World, but also explain the concept in detail. All videos are always posted on our Youtube channel and may of course be shared with your friends. You will receive announcements about new videos on all channels.


In order to stay up to date with the latest news concerning our crypto currency, we have created our own Telegram Channel. There you will not only get daily news, but you can also ask all your questions. These will then be answered directly by which of the community or by us. At the same time it is a great opportunity to exchange with like-minded people.


There will also be weekly “Ask Me Anyting” video calls where new interested people can participate and also ask any questions directly to the founder and CEO Chris Lenz. To participate in the calls, join the Telegram group, you can find all the information there.

Please note that the channels listed here are the only official ones and beware of scammers using our name.

Back to reality.

Celebrate United.

CU and their partners are organizing events where it is super easy to get to know each other. They connect new people and foster friendships all over the world.

Live the moment, be part!

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