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We're a DAO - wait, what?

Well, that means we’re an decentralized, autonomous organisation, or rather a social network that supports events taking place worlwide, organised by its members.

Just another social network?

Well, how many of your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat friends do you really know in person? With CU you can only connect with people you meet in person. There’s no search box to jump over that part where you have to connect in real life first, which is something that no other social network does.
Our vision: Back to reality.

Who's behind all that?

The Austrian founders Sebastian S. and Christian Lenz met in 2019 at an event for startups. At the aftershowparty they talked about many things, amongst other things they asked themselves: Why do people go to parties? Their answers were: Because you want to live in the moment and get to know people. So see you there! 

Let's talk about money

CU is financed through our own utility crypto currency. The majority of the coins can already be purchased through the private sale. By acquiring the coin, the value of a 100% real network (no fake profiles possible) is divided among its holders and is therefore not in the hands of a single company or person. 

Get your coins now

Only a certain number of people can participate in our Private Sale and must meet certain requirements. Therefore we ask you to register here.

Get in touch with us!

Do you have ideas which would help us grow? We’re always looking for feedback or partners that want to participate in our network. Don’t hesitate and reach out.

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Back to reality.

Celebrate United.

CU and their partners are organizing events where it is super easy to get to know each other. They connect new people and foster friendships all over the world.

Live the moment, be part!

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