The all-in-one app for parties and events

Hosting and attending events in your city just became super easy. Download the CU App, participate in one of the local or global events and connect with like-minded people.
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Live the moment, celebrate united.

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What on earth is CU?

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Key Features of CU

Hosting Events / For Hosts

Organize events in less than 5 Minutes

Order drinks and food directly via the app

overview tickets, guest lists and updates in the event chat

Attending Events / For Guests

find the best events in our marketplace and buy tickets easily

connect with like-minded people at our events with CU App

stay in touch with your favorite connections via the in-app messenger

CU + Crypto = perfect match

We have made it our goal to become the world’s first decentralized social network.

Why? Because we believe that the value of a network should not lie centrally in the hands of a company, but distributed among the users within the network.

Be part of our future!

Reach the next level

What is your especial skill?

CU World is constantly looking for ambitious people who would like to join us on our journey by supporting us and our project.

Back to reality.

Celebrate United.

CU World and their partners are organizing events where it is super easy to get to know each other. They connect new people and foster friendships all over the world.

Live the moment, be part!

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